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Agricultural Sciences

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This program, open to sophomores, juniors and seniors, prepares students for agricultural careers in a variety of areas through course work, labs, project based learning, and greenhouse studies. Agricultural Sciences introduces students to the cultivation, processing, marketing and distribution of food, forestry and horticulture that occur in built-up "intra-urban" areas. Agriculture has been identified as a growing career field with many job opportunities and a shortage of qualified workers. According to the National FFA Organization, agriculture is the nation's largest employer, with more than 23 million jobs (17 percent of the civilian workforce) involved in some facet of American agriculture. Students can focus each year in a specific area. Animal Systems involves the study of animal anatomy, physiology, behavior, nutrition, reproduction, health selection & marketing. Plant Systems includes the study of plant anatomy & physiology, classification and the fundamentals of production & harvesting.

NCC Sending School Districts that have approved sending sophomore students for Agricultural Sciences: Kearney, Liberty, Platte County, North Kansas City, Smithville, West Platte

Platte County School District Partnership Courses

Through a partnership with Platte County School District, Agricultural Sciences can be divided into individual courses for Platte County students.

Agricultural Sciences I
Freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors can take this introductory course to agriculture, food, and natural resources. Students experience an overview of the fields of agricultural sciences and natural resources with hands-on activities, projects and problems. Students' experiences involve the study of communication, science of agriculture, plants, animals natural resources, student learn to solve problems, conduct research, analyze data, work in teams, and take responsibility for their work, actions, and learning. For example, students work in groups to determine the efficiency and environmental impacts of fuel sources in practical learning exercise. Students explore career and poste-secondary opportunities in each area of the course. 

Animal Science
Prerequisite: Agricultural Sciences I
This course provides activities, projects, and problems based on the history and use of animals in society, handling and safety, cells and tissues, nutrition, reproduction, genetics, animal health, and animal products and marketing. In addition, students will continue to develop leadership potential, establish a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program, and explore career opportunities. 

Plant Science
Prerequisite: Agricultural Sciences I
This course provides activities, projects, and problems based on the role of plants in society, soil properties, soil chemistry, soilless growing systems, plant anatomy and physiology, taxonomy, growth requirements, reproduction, crop production and marketing, and plant health. In addition, students will continue to develop leadership potential, establish a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program and explore career opportunities. 

Greenhouse Management
Prerequisite: Agricultural Sciences I
This course develops a basic understanding of greenhouse techniques. The production of greenhouse crops will be used to demonstrate procedures such as plants started from cuttings, seeds, grafts, and layering. Students will manage their own crop as a greenhouse project. 


Miss Barnett

Ms. Barnett is a veteran when it comes to Agricultural Education. Miss Barnett was a four-year Agriculture student and FFA Member in the Wellington-Napoleon School District and earned many honors as a student, including an American FFA Degree. Ms. Barnett attended Northwest Missouri State University and earned her Bachelor of Science in Education Degree in 2014. Since starting at NCC in 2014, she has brought a vast amount of experience in the agriculture field and passion for learning and growing.

Contact Ms. Barnett
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Email: barnettm@platteco.k12.mo.us


Hourly Wage

Average Salary

Landscaping & Groundskeeper

$ 14.85

$ 30,890

Conservation Scientist

$ 30.01

$ 62,410


$ 34.21

$ 71,160

Nursery & Greenhouse Manager

$ 34.21

$ 71,160

Environmental Health Scientist

$ 34.31

$ 71,360


$ 39.53

$ 82,220


$ 45.90

$ 95,460

*Occupational Outlook Handbook, Summer 2019


  • Agribusiness Systems
  • Animal Science/Systems
  • Natural Resources 
  • Conservation & Forestry 
  • Landscaping, Turf Management & Greenhouse Operations 
  • Power, Structural & Mechanical Systems 
  • Food Science & Safety 
  • Plant Science/Systems
  • Biotechnology



Students may earn 3 articulated college credit hours through Metropolitan Community College.



Students may earn Livestock Evaluation, Soils Evaluation, Floriculture, Nursery/Landscape, etc., and OSHA 10.



Click the tree below to view an interactive Agricultural Sciences career exploration guide.

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FFA is a national organization for students enrolled in Agricultural Education programs. FFA supports student growth by providing meaningful experiences with leadership development, networking and competitions.

Students can compete in contests that are related to their technical area or leadership at the local, district, state and national levels. Leadership events/opportunities are also held at the local, district, state and national levels also. FFA costs $30 to join locally and nationally. NCC's FFA chapter has fundraisers to support the expense of attending these conferences and competitions that can be applied to the student's participation. For more information on FFA, please visit www.ffa.org

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